Audience Reaction

Love In The Wild was critically acclaimed and received warmly by audiences in the various venues that we have performed in throughout 2018...

“Lisa Walsh has put human faces, emotions, hopes, fears and dreams into one of the many stories that lay buried behind the headlines”

Joe Duffy, RTE Broadcaster & Author.

“Under Peter Sheridan’s subtle direction...Seery slowly reveals layers of personality...we are fully invested in what’s at stake”

Alan O’Riordan, The Sunday Times.


“Really enjoyable relatable play, it brought back so many memories”
Philly McMahon, GAA Star & Author. 

“It was a huge success artistically while also resonating with a wide a range of audience contexts”
Mark O’Brien, Axis Ballymun. 

“For me it was an open invitation to reflect on and examine my responses in practice to promote a more compassionate perspective. A stark and invaluable reminder to any of us working in the area”
Mairín Begley, Social Worker 

“The play is spot on and means a lot to someone in recovery like me, and many others”

Pamela, Audience Member

“absolutely terrifically beautiful performance tonight with an inspirational perspective on smashing stigma”

Tobias, Audience Member. 

“A wonderful treat in work today, an amazing and strong performance, thanks for the visit, hugely recommended”
Dolorosa de la Cruz, Education & Training, Mountjoy Prison.

"Imagine the audacity of it, humanising a drug user; making you care for him and his family; helping you see the person behind the methadone, That's what 'Love in the Wild' does. And if you go to see it, you will be changed by it. A very important play."
Gary Broderick, Director, SAOL Project.

“Excellent...You should go see it”
Rosita Boland, The Irish Times.

The play was so good… poignant, funny, sad and well scripted, acted and directed. 

Patrick O’Dea, Probation officer.

Great play, Anto Seery was superb – really believable, likeable and talented. The writer did a great job. Bringing me into a world I know nothing about. This play made you laugh and want to cry in equal measure. Extremely entertaining.

Mary McGuire, Fingal Local Government Forsa Branch.